Questions, topics

We have been thinking about what questions, statements and topics we should bring up during the workshop – and we would like your help!

What kind of memories do you attach to biking?
Where did you go last with your bike?
What is the meaning of life/what is your life goal?
Where are you going? Where are we going?
Biking is the future.
Your first bike?
What kind of future do you want to live in?
Who is your bike? If your bike was a person what kind of person would it be?
What’s the meaning of bike for you?
Can a bike be used as a tool for expressing personality? Explain!
Who does this bike belong to? (Pictures of bikes)
What kind of emotions does biking bring to your mind?
What’s the feeling when you are cycling?
Can you ride a bike?
Biking to the future.
When do we need a bike?
Do people bike more in the future?
What do gender mean to you?
What is your identity?
Why do you use a bike?
Can bike represent quality of life? Or poor life?
Where is it ideal to be biking? How does it look?
Learning to bike.
Why do we need a bike?
Where would you never go with a bike?

What if there was no bikes? ( What are you happy about? What are you sad about?)

What if there are only bikes?

Please help us, add yours!

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