Workshop method concepts

Design driven strategies are processes, “biking the future = processes towards a destination”, this workshop should become an inclusive journey towards a common goal and a common future where traditional meanings are questioned. Biking the future will be a metaphor for a design driven strategy, where we will discover the possibilities and opportunities for developing an inclusive process for reaching and understanding common goals and visions.

1. Questions & Statements -walls

Umbrella for whole workshop. Four (or more) “walls” that have either a question and/or a statement. It will also create an introduction and inspire the participants to open their mind. Materials for participants to add their answer/opinion about the subject in question. Each wall is paired with another station (numbers 2-5 below) and works as a red thread.

Why? Raise questions, inspire, change mindsets, opening up for new ideas.

2. Bike wheel “roulette” -story / Wheel of Story

Roulette gives a number (1-20). The wheel is turned two times and both times the number gives a word (two different pools). These words are used by the visitor to compose a sentence in a co-created story that is projected on a wall. ( Maybe a computer and projection of a story on a wall)

Why? Storytelling, exciting imagination, co-creation

3. Pimp your bike (co-creational installation)

Two old bikes and a variety of accessories (“building blocks”) that can be used to personalize them (e.g. tapes, stickers, plastic flowers, clay, pictures, chicken wire, pipe cleaner – basically anything you can attach to a bike). These bikes will grow to something more like pieces (with frames) of art during the workshop.

Why? User created content, express meaning, “hands on” experience

4. Biking + Future Wall

Wall is divided in two parts, one side with word “Biking”, the other with “Future”. Participants can add words to the wall that are somehow connected to the heading. Connect words with colored strings (strings can have symbols in them).

Why? Progressive & evolving, association, new meanings

5. Sticker survey

Quick survey, around 5 statements. Answered by putting stickers on a scale or in a matrix.

Why? Evidence of the workshop, understand goals and visions of multiple stakeholders



We decided to invite researchers from the conference and students from various universities in Gothenburg.

We had in mind:





Lindholmen innovation center



We discussed that we want to invite people who not necessary are very passionate about bikes or use it everyday.

Of course we are now interested in your input. Ideas? Yes? No? Modifications? Thoughts?

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