Just a quick thought: We could have an information next to the “collective diary” which says a few things about the upcoming project with Älvstranden (River City) and that if possible we will take input from this workshop to build upon. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Idea

  1. I though about diary more as a conclusion/ finish of the workshop. It would become like a feedback for us from all the participants. Wouldn’t the description of the upcoming project put pressure to right something “useful”, “smart”? Maybe we should have a link to our upcoming project in some other way.

  2. I was thinking about an introduction to the next project, where the participants can leave their mail-address or so for more information, and we can ask for more feedback, as well as hand out more info about the outcome from this project, where the booklet, you were talking about that you would make together with Brian, could be sent to them. This would also give us contacts if we would need it for next stage of project with the River City.

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