Method summary: Bike Wheel

Workshop station lottery – What to do? Where to go? Spin the wheel and get a recommendation on where to begin.

The bike wheel is mounted on a wooden board, with sticker symbols for each station, as well as the tagline “What to do? Where to go?”. Bike beads add the dimension of sound.

The Bike Wheel should welcome the visitors, so it should be one of the first things you meet when you get up the stairs. The width of the board will be 1,1 m and placed on an easel it will roughly take up a floorspace of 1.1 x 1m – but add to this also the space for people to stand and interact with the wheel.

Needed material
A wooden board 1100x1500mm
Stickers with symbols and tag line: “What to do? Where to go?”
Plastic pin or flap (to slow the wheel)
(Spray paint?)
Bike beads

Sticker design and production
Clean the wheel (and perhaps spray paint it)
Make the arrow

Questions and details regarding the construction will be discussed with workshop staff tomorrow morning. This will shape the working process and give a more detailed To-do-list. 

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