Biking the future! – the bike as a metaphor for possibilities.

This workshop explores what the bike stands for as a social phenomena and what it can enable.  It is a collaboration between EAD, the design agency Lots and the students at the Business & Design master education at HDK. The students are organizing the workshop as part of a course developing design driven strategies for organizations and societal innovations.

With guidance and support from senior designers at Lots, the students have the responsibility for designing the workshop in all parts, exploring the bike as a catalyst and enabler , from a practical as well as a social perspective.
The workshop is intended for participants at the conference – and want to take part of and use their research perspective – but will also invite representatives from social organizations, as the Gothenburg city council, to add their views to the discussion.
It is vital to point out that the bike as an object is not in focus, but the cultural and social possibilities it opens up to. The workshop is meant to work as a lab for methods in a design driven strategy process.

Involved stakeholders:
Master students and teachers from HDK, Business and Design & Iréne Stewart Claesson from Lots Design.

Lots is a design strategy consultancy, helping clients to sustainable and social innovations and developing user friendly product-,service- and interaction design. Our design methods are based in user experience and contexts for creative development and front end innovation.


This blog serves as a documentation plattform for our learning process.

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