Thank you!

Thank you to all who participated in our Experience Lab Biking the future! We are glad to have experienced this Lab with you all and are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and curiosity you showed!

We are now working on gathering our results, impressions and experiences and will send our summary to all who has left their contact information in a few weeks. If you didn’t leave your information but is interested in what we did, you can do so by e-mailing us at

Invite your friends to the Experience Lab!

If you have missed it, we have an event on facebook.  There you can invite your friends, or anyone that you think would be interested in creating this experience lab with us!  Today thursday 11-15, friday 11-15 and of course the exhibition of our results on friday afternoon 17-19.



We are getting closer..

We are getting closer and closer! The Experience Lab is almost ready for all participants to attend!

Tomorrow we start at 11 in Glashuset and we are hoping for many visitors! Remember that it is a progressive workshop that will build on the previous days work. Giving us a result on friday evening at the exhibition. So you are welcome to join us then too!



You’re invited to help shape the future. An interactive design workshop to explore the meaning and influence of the bicycle. Together we are exploring the bike as a catalyst and enabler, from a practical as well as a social perspective.

Drop in at any time.

Wednesday17/4 11-15

Thursday18/4 11-15

Friday19/4 11-15

Exhibition of Results

Friday19/4 19-22

The Biking the Future workshop is developed and organized by students at the Business & Design master education at HDK – School of Design and Crafts, in collaboration with the EAD Conference and the design agency Lots. The project is part of a course developing design driven strategies for organizations and societal innovations. It is meant to function as a lab for methods used in a design driven strategy process and to foster a discussion about the bicycle as a metaphor.

For further information or questions please visit our blog or e-mail us at :


PR concept

We have decided on a concept around which the advertising and invitation will be created. The concept is that the different elements of a bike are initially disconnected and will be brought together in the workshop. We use shapes to symbolize the disconnected bike, which will create the possibility for the human mind to assemble a “bike” in their own way.

The list of who to invite is coming along as well, we have started to gather interesting people to invite and their contact information. If anyone has someone they would like to add to the list they are free to do so, just let us know.

I will add the invitation so you can all look at and if you have any opinions you can voice them.

– The PR-group