Layout for Glashuset

Wheel: Sara
Cube (Box): Christina
Imagine (Installation): Marttiina
Biking the Future Wall: Veera
Bins, Thank you and Feedback: Johan C
Balloons contact: Hélène
Coffee Station: Marianna

Bikes and Street Signs: Sofie

Graphics: Gabija
Posters: Sami
Marketing activities: Charlotte
overall concept room: Una & Sofie

Rest: Johan W


Transparent Tubes

We had a great research at BAUHAUS today but unfortunately we couldn’t find transparent tubes. I found this company and they are in Kungsbacka

@ Veera & Marttiina: Maybe you could check tomorrow if they have cheap 🙂 tubes and maybe they have restpieces they give us for free … If they have a little bit different sizes, I think it doesn’t matter…