Furniture & Requisite

Glasshouse: There are chairs and foldable tables in the room that are part of the permanent equipment. The event design team has to check what can be used.

HDK: There are a lot of things around. There are big black walls (110cm x 220cm) in the corridor behind stora hörsalen, they are not booked for the conference. you can check them out if they are useful for us. if so, we have to tell Matti that we want to have them.

We can use the kitchen in the glasshouse. There is a coffeemachine and cups in the shelf

Opening hours & access

The workshop will be opened between 11:00 and 15:00 for participants.

The students will be present between 10:00 and 16:00 to pre- and postpare.

We have booked the glasshouse between Tuesday 16th and Sunday the 21st. Make sure that you have access to the building. Ask matti for access to “Glashusetplan3Evenmang.” The access he gave us earlier was the wrong one. Make sure you have access for all days.